Please do not worry about me..

Just no I am sorry

26 November
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Non-Important Stuff: I like to love more then fight but if you get in my way, be prepared. I love sports, they are my life. I like girls, not guys. I am canadian and I speak both English and French. I do like to say the word eh ?! alot ...Talk about perfect stereotype lol. Music is awsome, don't know where i'd be without it. I complain about my dad and his family alot but deep down I love them and I don't ever want to not be with them. I go to Garden City Collegiate and lets not go into what grade i'm in or sopossed to be in, that would just be hard. I fully support gay rights, we're people to. I don't like animal testing I think its wrong. I'm not a vegetarian, i'm completely the opposite but I support the people who are. Eventhough I'm not American I think George Bush is an A**hole. I love winter, the cold is my friend, I love ice and snow and yayy. Hockey is the shit, and I don't care what anyone says It was invented and perfected by Canadians.

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She is the hottest chick around.

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Told you she was hot

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Hottest chick on stage..Jordis Unga is the Rock Star:INXS

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