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Please do not worry about me..
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Below are the 9 most recent journal entries recorded in Taylor's LiveJournal:

Friday, July 1st, 2005
9:33 pm
Wow...Its been sooo long since I last updated ..eep !! ok what has happened ..hmmm let me think.

Got Kicked out of a Ringette game.
Fought with aynz.
Made up.
Fought with aynz.
Made up.
Played ringette.
Did shit in school.
Fought and Made up with aynz.
Aynz dumped the boyfriend.
Aynz got back with the boyfriend.
Play some baseball.
Talked to Aynz.
I dunno other stuff.

Kay like last week and shit was wierd ..kay umm finished school kinda and failed everything but history ...dropped out of french immersion. me and aynz talked and decided to be friends. i came like totally out to her bout everything that i had fucked up on and she forgave me so that was good. Umm what else ...Umm finished ringette ...lost yesterday 6-1 to magic ..i played like shit and like strained some neck muscles. I went to the drive in last night with my aunt. Saw war of the worlds and the longest yard. War of the worlds is a fucking amazing movie oh my fucking god !!! neways. Umm Baseballs been good ...i fucked up my shoulder bad this year ..they physiotherapist is gonna have fun with me this summer. ummm what else...umm went to the doctors and got perscribed shit i dunno anti-depressant/OCD drug and sum ADHD shit w/eri don't care. Ummmmmmmmmmmm yeah i think thats about it ..oh aynz left on wednesday :( for the states she'll be gone for like a month ..its craaazy neways yeah...thats like it well kay imma go bye caio arrivedarchi.

Tuesday, May 17th, 2005
11:43 am

just something i made for my girl ...nothing special i got bored ..its still not enuf ..

Monday, May 16th, 2005
8:21 am
hey kay this weekend / week what went down... umm

Nothing much happened had ringette/baseball the same old you know nothing lost baseball and won ringette. Chatted with ppl you know the norm.

Went to the moose game with my dad, cole [brother], sam [sister], uncle dan and his kids selena and dayton. Moose game was fucking amazing, they won 5-2 playing the rodchester americans [don't ever fucking mess with a canadian hockey team] so now were the north division champs and one step closer to the calder cup. After that i went home and just chilled

Got up at 12 did shit all, all day, got a pleasant surprise with a appearance of my girl. But she had to leave AGAIN [whats new there] so i was left alone again :(. Had a few glasses of wine according to my aunt i was drunk [i SO wasn't just tired and hyper at the same time] auntie amber and uncle scott and olivia and tank came over and we had steak mmm... my god it was the best. didn't feel good so i went to bed at like 1130

Woke up at 11ish, sat around till like 5 went out to subway [yummm] 545 rushed to get on my baseball stuff and went to GC for practice, apparently i got named co-captain with taryn, whoo... you'd think i'd be happy but yaknnow i'm not cause im charge of like everything and it sucks. Talked to my girl before i left tho :):):) so excited cause shes so amazing wow. I hope she shows next year. neways umm after baseball i went straight to ringette and played won 13-4 it was pathetic i got 3 goals in like 5 minutes....it was bad. i managed to pull my groin doing the splits at the game...but i did stop the ring [teehee] and oh at baseball i got pegged in the head and the knee. it was bad.

that 'twas my weekend. now i must leave for school. byebye toodles

Sunday, April 10th, 2005
6:29 pm
s0o0o yeah i haven't updated in EVER ..umm whats happened. .well umm ..dee and i are becoming friends again...umm schools been a bitch...gotta love getting picked on ..umm finished testing with mr alper maybe i'll get my fucking drugs now....umm cousin turned 1 ..andrea doesn't think shes good enuf for me ..umm prolly not doing the school thing next year ..umm might go to london umm...baseball started ...practicing 3 times a week ..its horrible on my shoulder and back but i can't complain because then i'll get picked on some more ..haven't cut in a week umm...yeah thats about it well ttyl bye.
Monday, March 14th, 2005
7:31 pm
OMG OMG OMG ...wow i almost died you guys. K so we were at some restaurant i don't really care about the name but oh my freakin god ! we had the cutest waitress serving us :D lol it was so awsome..i got some pics because my grandma liked her hair so she took some pics lol and i just stole them. :D


me and my g/f are good ! shes so awsome i love her 2 bad she lives so far ...but yeah sorry this aint long but yeah i gotta go ttul guys !!!

<3 Taylor

Current Mood: cold
Thursday, January 27th, 2005
8:34 pm
...first post

Hey guys, ok so this really isn't my first post because I posted shit about me earlier but I figured I'd tell you my dating situation and all that. Well i'm 16 and I realized that I was feeling that I was bi when I was 14 but I denied it for like 2 years...I finally accepted it when 2 weeks ago I found this AMAZING girl. Who is from Scotland ...but we're going out. Some ppl say it isn't gonna work but it has for 2 weeks...I dunno i'm gonna go visit next year when I finish school. Maybe i'll stay longer then expected. I haven't told anyone in my family if I did I think i'd be killed. My family doesn't really agree with the whole bi/gay thing :S w/er. I was never accepted neway. Well hmm wat else. Oh I told a few close friends. Everyone was cool with it except my best friend. Which hurt ALOT, I don't really know what to do about it. But I think i'll just let her be as much as that hurts. Umm thats about it. This community looks really nice and cool and I think i'm gonna like it here. Alright . Aurevior.


Current Mood: tired
Sunday, January 23rd, 2005
10:48 pm
!?!?!?!?!?! blick !?!?!?!?!?!
hey..today was pretty fun...I woke up and talked to Nicky (my love) till like 6 my time and 12 her time. I miss her soo much...I want her so bad ! grr !!..Neways I think I got her in trouble lol because I kept her till 630 AM two nights in a row. It was baad..I felt bad. I love her so much..but sometimes its different...I dunno..shes such a risk taker..I wish I could be more like her...she might find me more amusing if I was. OMG ! I have a chem exam on wednesday and I haven't started studying lol. It's gonna be quite amuzing when I go do it lol..god im such a failure. Grr I hate myself so much ! BAH !...I had ringette today. It felt like I was a coach. It was pretty amazing because everyone listened to me...maybe i'm not as bad as I thought I was. I gotta start trying. Same with school. I gotta start to try there 2. I will see Nicky next year. I better...if I don't know what I will do. I won't be happy tho I know that. But K i'm out l8azz

- Taylor

Current Mood: content
Saturday, January 22nd, 2005
2:06 pm
Wowza ! lol
Hey guys, Last night was a wreck, I told Ashley that I love Nicky and that she needs to stop trying to win me over. Cuz she won't...I really love Nicky, shes everything I want and I need, Shes hot, sexy, nice, talented, stunning lol I could go on but I won't. We talked for 10 hours yesterday I was pretty amazed. I could probably talk to her forever. God I sound like such a sap lol. I don't know how I got her shes way outta my league, but im damn glad I did. I hurt my neck to..I think i pulled a few muscles in it..im ok tho :D but k I gotta go ! C ya !


Current Mood: loved
Friday, January 21st, 2005
2:17 pm
So its my first entry and im at school and its been an alright day. I had a fight with Ashley last night. I felt really bad. She wasn't ok and neither was I, I was in a really pissy mood and I lashed out on her. Now i think shes mad at me and we're not really talking so I don't know. Neways umm I lost my ringette game yesterday, but I got a goal so I was happy about that. Umm I talked to Nicky last nite so that made me happy. I love that girl so much. God shes amazing. Umm today at school I got the first part of my Math Exam back and I got 73% on it so i'm happy about that. I finished my English exam today to. I wrote so much shit on that thing. I'm really nervous about my Chem exam tho. Grr I hate school. I want to quit but I can't because then I can't go to scotland and go see Nicky and I wouldn't pass that up for the world. At lunch we watched Dodgeball in the gym it was really funny because like all of us got hit. It was funny. And now im in the computer class and writing on this ..so bleh. Tonite I hope to talk to Nicky tonite. I really want to. Umm I wanna talk to Ashley tonite to. Oh yeah if you guys haven't noticed i'm BI. Yeah...Neways. I better get going before my computer teacher gets mad at me ok ! ill see you guys later


Current Mood: ditzy
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